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The story of Tidy Tot, not just a travel bib for toddlers...

Posted by Sachelle, 12th December 2018 at 14:43
Tidy Tot story, travel bibs for toddlers

Sometimes I come across a new brand, one that I haven’t heard of, all by accident, and think ‘love it!’

A few weeks ago I tried to contact and old contact, Claire, founder of Babymule. Nine years ago, when Freddie was born, she kindly gave me a Babymule rucksack to review and I loved it so much, it lasted me a very long time, well beyond the baby and toddler years with Freddie, in fact we still use part if it today for our lunches. Anyway, now we have son Freddie who is 9, and granddaughter Georgia, and I really wanted another Babymule for when she comes to stay and play and for our family days out, but I found that Claire had sold her business.

It turned out she sold it to a lovely lady called Jennifer, who is also founder and owner of the Tidy Tot range. I hadn’t heard of Tidy Tot and so was intrigued and after investigating fell in love with the concept. Mum of 3 Jennifer found weaning stressful and messy and so went on a mission to develop something to make those hard toddler times a little easier. Fast forward to the Tidy Tot range of weaning led products.


Bibs for weaning

For stage 1 weaning: The Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit. The bib clips to the tray and the tray sits on the highchair, meal times have never been so clean!

For stage 2 : The Tidy Tot Long Length Coverall Bib, this isn’t only good for feed times it’s also amazing for some crafty messy play, it’s long, has a crumb catcher pocket and is machine washable!

Bibs for travel

And brand new to the market, for Travel (our fav obviously!) the Tidy Tot Disposable Coverall Bib. This is the only disposable bib with full protection for mealtimes on the go! It has long arms and a resealable strip to the bottom allowing it to stick to any table, making eating out a relatively mess-free zone! They are made from recyclable materials and we think would be great for visiting friends with lovely flooring, out and about, on a plane and on holiday.

Bibs for messy play

These brilliant bibs are also perfect for a bit of messy play – and so easily double up for craft fun as well as at meal times. They are long and have handy little pockets for storing favourite creative stuff!

For more information head over to the Tidy Tot website and see their whole range. Tidytot.com

I must also say a big thank you to Jennifer who has sent me a brand new Babymule rucksack for my journey as a mum and nana and I will definitely review it again for her. So keep an eye out!


Competition time

If you want the chance to win any of the Tidy Tot range or even a Babymule rucksack keep an eye out on The Holiday Tots 12 days Competition, you will find the Babymule in our Festival bundle and  Tidy Tot goodies in the New Mum and Baby bundle and Travel bundle.

For more information pop over to our Holiday Tots 12 Days blog post, visit our social media pages looking for  #holidaytots12days



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