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CoziGo - Sleep on the go

Posted by Sachelle, 8th January 2019 at 20:40
CoziGo The Worlds First Sleep Easy Cover

One of our reviewers got in touch as she was taking her 7 month old on an overnight flight to Oman. She'd heard about how brilliant the CoziGo was and they were kind enough to send her one to review. 

The worlds' first sleep-easy cover that fits on airline bassinets and strollers alike. They block out 97 % of light and help your little one sleep even when its not dark. They are also great when out and about as they are made from a fully breathable fabric with 50 +UVP too. They fit on all strollers and most airline bassinets making them the perfect travel accessory.

Quick Facts

  • Pop out assembly (similar to a pop up tent) 
  • 100 % breathable fabric
  • Blocks 97 % of light 
  • Protects from in-flight germs 
  • Universal fit
  • Large openings on both sides for easy access
  • Large clips for easy attachment
  • Only weigs 600g
  • Handy carry bag included 


Here's how Sarah got on in Oman

'The CoziGo was very handy on our trip to Oman and we would use it again if we were to go abroad or in the summer to cover over the pram. I liked how it provided me with reassurance that Freddie wasn’t being exposed to the sun'  

Sarah wasn't sure how effective it was on the plane (even though she did use it) because Freddie isn't a great sleeper at the best of times, but she said he did sleep for a few hours uninterrupted on the flight 

'The CoziGo was really useful to keep Freddie covered in the pram. It stopped him from being exposed to the sun and it also helped ensured he slept longer when out and about. We also used it in the evenings when out to stop the mosquitos biting and he had no bites!'

She said that it was very easy to pop up and attach to both the pram and bassinet with the clips. To put it away you need to twist and fold it to get it to fit into the carry case - she said after a few attempts she got it right.    All in all, she seemed very impressed with the product. It was made of a good quality material that didn't get damaged even after quite a lot of 'opening and closing' and shoving in backpacks. Sarah was very impressed with how much light the material blocks out which was perfect for her being on a very warm and sunny holiday !   

Rating (out of 10)

- Functionality / usability - 9
- Aesthetics and design - 8
- Value for money -  7
- Quality - 9
- Innovativeness - 8

CoziGo was first launched in Australia by a mum who saw a gap in the market after flying with her daughter from Australia to London - the company was originally called Fly Babee and it won lots of innovation and customer service awards. It was on Australia's 'Shark Tank' (Kind of like our Dragon's Den) and won over Shark Investor Janine Allis. Before long they were stocked in major baby shops boutiques around the world. Two years later the company was rebranded as they realised it wasn't just a flying aid and in fact it had become of the most popular sleep and sun covers for prams / strollers. The CoziGo - sleep on the go was 'born'

You can buy this product direct on their website and it retails for £55.85 


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