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Holiday Tots reviews the Are We There Yet ? children travel bag.

Are We There Yet is a a childrens travel bag / activity pack designed by mum of 5, Holly. We were sent one to review on our trip to South Africa with Georgia and it was a hit! Holly says being a mum has given her the experience on what children like doing and allowed her to create an activity bag that provides hours worth of entertainment and fun for your child.

When we received the bag, I opened it while Georgia was at school - i wanted to keep the contents a secret so that they were new and exciting. I was very impressed with the contents of the bag. A wide variety and I loved that the crayons were Crayola! A lot of the time, in activity packs, you get given really rubbish crayons and we LOVE colouring so this was a win for us.

BA 59 to Cape Town has been delayed.

The dreaded D word. Being delayed is hated by most especially parents travelling with young children! 

We sat at the boarding gate long after our departure time, which is never fun but with a little one it can be quite stressful! I managed to keep Georgia occuopied until we finally boarded but unfortunatley that wasn't the end of our delays. An Electrical Fault kept us from departing for close to another hour. Georgia was getting tired and cranky (much to the delight of the passengers around me). I then remembered the Are We There Yet ? travel bag. We got out the sticker book and she was happy for ages (until we had to put the tray table up for departure).

These are great on car journeys too...

When we arrived in Cape Town we had a 2 hour drive to our accommodation and once again the sticker book came out and was a hit ! Georgia loved the story book too! I kept the crayons and stamps for when we got there as not to make a mess in the car - she was totally fascinated by the stamps ! 

Georgia loved playing with the toys, she loved threading the string through the holes in the ice cream and I must admit, I enjoyed the sensory dough. 

Our pack contained:

  • Sticker Book
  • Crayons
  • Sensory Dough
  • Touchable Bubbles
  • Game/Toy
  • 4 Activities
  • Story Book

Georgia loved the touchable bubbles - I must admit, i gave these to her before we travelled and i didnt want to have to deal with taking them off her on the plane ! Shes a major bubble fan and once shes started she wont stop until all the bubble mix is gone!

In Use ...

We used the bag on the plane, in the car and when going out to eat. The bag is of a good size and I was even able to put the ipad and headphones in too. 

When buying your travel bag you will notice that they are broken down into age categories. Starting at 1 year +, 2-3 years, 4-5 years and 6 years plus. Prices range from £!9.99 to £24.99. You can also buy refil packs for your return journey or next trip at £16.99.

If you want to get your hands on your own Are We There Yet ? Bag or learn more, click here 


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