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Meet the owners of a beautiful child friendly finca in Mallorca

Peter and Lisa have had a special relationship with Mallorca for many years. 20 years ago they bought their holiday home on the island so have spent a lot of time there. A few years ago, after both having worked all of their lives in the pharmaceutical industry, and with both of their children having ‘flown the nest’ they decided it was time to make a life change. They knew they wanted to do something different, together and that they wanted to be their own bosses. They also knew they wanted to do something in a warmer country. It didn’t take them long to decide on Mallorca, the island they had come to love after all of their family holidays there over the years. Having worked in customer relations as well as having a keen interest in food and cooking, they decided to run their own, small family finca with its own restaurant. After 2 years of searching for the perfect place, they stumbled across Hotel Migjorn - after a few minutes they knew it was perfect and exactly what they had been looking for.


What was the toughest part about setting it up?

We faced many challenges in the beginning as this tye of business was completely new to us. One of the major changes was the bureaucracy and administrative hurdles to overcome. We had never had our own company before, and now we were about to set one up in another country, with its different business culture and ways of doing things.

What was the most memorable/enjoyable part of setting it up?

It was to welcome the guests and making sure that they enjoyed a memorable stay with us. Their gratitude and satisfaction was really very rewarding. Luckily enough we “took over” the staff which were very good and very much suited for the type of business and our niche with working with familes. We are fortunate to still have them on board.

What couldn't you live without and why?

Being our own bosses and planning our own days. Also the sun and light has become so important to us. To not have that would be awufl.

Some pics of this beautiful finca

What does your average working day involve?

Interacting with all guests and staff. This is very important and something we do every day. At breakfast we are there to help serve the coffee and tea, chatting with the guests making sure all is good, coming with suggestions as what they could do. Every day we shop for food making sure we have good ingredients for lunch and dinner. As this is an important area of work to us, we put a lot of energy in making sure we can offer fresh and tasty food.

What advice would you give to families wanting to holiday with you and why is your place so special?

We are one of few small finca hotels in Mallorca (4 star category) with full focus on families. Almost all of our guests are families with toddlers and children up to the age of 10. We are a small hotel, with only 10 apartments. This creates an informal and relaxed atmosphere where everybody gets to know each other quickly. As the kids play together it also brings the parents together, and it often feels like one big family. Every week we offer special evenings such as a BBQ or seafood evening. We are also flexible when it comes to adjusting our menu to those with special needs or wishes. For example, If someone wants us to bake a birthday cake we can do that. We try to offer as much as possible so that the parents do not need to take much with them for the kids. Every room has a toy box, there is a small play area, toys for the pool and beach. Beach towels and various things such as high chairs, sterilizers, pots, changing mats etc are also provided. The pool is also heated in the low season which is great for the little ones. 

If you could pick just two attractions / places to visit in your area what would they be?

The Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a market in nearby Santanyi – it is one of the most popular markets on the island. There are many child friendly beaches nearby, such as Es Trenc or Cala Mondago.

Is there anything you would like to highlight that might be interesting to families with young children who are thinking of staying with you.

We are totally committed to offer the best possible holiday for families with small children. We try to have most things available, so that you don’t have to bring lots of stuff with you in your luggage. We are always flexible to needs and wishes, and we love to work with this category of guests. 

In one sentence can you explain what life is like where you live?

Life is relaxing with no stress and where we spend a lot of time outside in a warm and sunny climate. 

Doesn't this sound amazing? Why not visit Hotel Migjorn.


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