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Half Term fun - Day 2

Posted by Sachelle, 27th October 2020 at 08:55
Family-friendly half term fun

We are on Day 2 of our half term fun at home.

Family-friendly, being indoors or outdoors, fun for all! 

Indoor - Pizza party

''During lockdown my husband was furloughed so we had a lot of time together. Georgia absolutely loved our pizza parties – we would make dough (there are so many simple recipes on google), watch it rise and then make our own pizza’s up with our favourite toppings – you could even try and cut your dough into the shape of a pumpkin to fit in with the Halloween theme.''

5 indoor activites

Screen - Record a play

''As a kid, my brothers and sometimes my cousins and I, loved putting together a play that we recorded for the whole family to watch! Back in the day we used a video camera and once finished linked it up straight to the TV. My little brother (he’s now 11) also LOVES making short films with his friends, but as generations have changed, he uses a phone and sometimes iMovie. He can edit via the phone or transfer and play around on a computer with his friends– kids are so techy nowadays!

It is so much fun, using props you find laying around in the house and old fancy dress costumes, and now there are apps with special effects too – Halloween is so close, it could be your inspiration! Maybe make a spooky Halloween blockbuster!

Then sit down with some popcorn and watch the magic, and why not send it to grandparents and friends too.''

5 on screen activities 

Outdoor - Mud play

''How do you feel about mud? How does the picture above make you feel? How do the kids feel about mud? How about mud pies and castles and general fun mud stuff. Mud is amazing and fun, you can get creative in all sorts of ways and its sensory too. Take off your shoes and socks and feel it between your toes.

Make a mud pie, or dig for treasure or search for bugs with a magnifying glass.''

5 outdoor activites


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