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Half Term fun - Day 3

Posted by Sachelle, 28th October 2020 at 08:22
Family-friendly half term, day 3 activities

Day 3 half term fun

Outdoors - Birds

Our feathered friends are in need of food and water at this time of year so why not make them a feeding station?

I found these inspiring ones on House beautiful – I generally reuse our coconut shells with suet and seeds and I love the idea of a lego build bird feeder!

For more inspiration head over to the RSPB website where you can find out recipes for diy feeds as well as some ideas on what to use for bird feeders etc. and how to make a speedy bird cake!

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Screen - Slide show fun

''During my little brother’s free time, he really enjoys making slide shows. He has been doing it for the past few years, he started when he was about six, for each of our birthdays with birthday messages and a selection of pictures that found on mums’ phone or hard copies he will photograph himself. It doesn’t have to be for a birthday, it can be educational too! An idea could be your kid’s favourite animal, researching the web for some fun facts and pictures that they then can display on the slide show and share with the whole family later at tea time – it makes learning fun! It could be anything they love, food, nature, football, space, games, family, Disney characters or even their own teddies etc.''

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Indoors - A sleepover

''Pull some mattresses off the bed and make a den in your little ones bedroom. Make it cozy with duvets, blankets and teddies and decorate it with fairy lights. You can surprise your little one and get the room ready while they are occupied elsewhere. Make sure you video their reaction as I can guarantee you they will love it. Get a story, have a little play with their teddies and just enjoy the time together.''

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