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Last day of our half term fun

Posted by Sachelle, 30th October 2020 at 09:17
Last day of our half term fun

Here we go, day 5, our last day of our half term fun at home. 

I hope we have been able to inspire you! 

Enjoy the last day.

Outdoors - Make something fun

''Make something fun for the garden or a pot indoors and have a fun Halloween treasure hunt…

We love dragons, fairies, elves, pixies, unicorns and everything magical here. if you do too why not make a magical fairy, gnome garden. however big or small, in a pot or take a corner of the garden or even pop something out on a walk for others to find.''

5 outdoor activites

Indoors - Making something out of a box

''I don’t know about you but we are doing a lot more online shopping at the moment, trying to avoid unnecessary contact. It can be a small box or a big box – we’ve made a train from lots of little small boxes tied together and we’ve made a space ship, theatre and house from big boxes. Georgia loves role play and they have the best time making up stories and its a great way to encourage them using their imagination.''

5 indoor activites

On Screen - Live-stream experience

''The internet has many online live streams out there that everyone can enjoy. From story telling to drawing a picture, Zoos (who remembers watching April, the Giraffe who was pregnant?) or experience what it could be like under the sea. When my little brother was younger, he loved watching an artist daily, the artist would talk through his drawing techniques and my brother would copy…

Here are a few live streams worth a look…

Animal lovers there are lots of zoos around the world offering live streams – so you can watch your favourite animal in action from where ever you are in the world. Why not go on a sofa safari! For example Paignton Zoo has live cams in many of their enclosures all day… https://www.paigntonzoo.org.uk/explore/webcams

Further afield, Cincinnate Zoo Home Safari – Everyday at 7pm the zoo introduces one of its animals along with an activity you can do at home. You can find this live stream on their Facebook page

PE with Joe, The Body Coach – everyone in my family loved PE with Joe during lockdown. This Saturday 31st, PE with Joe is back, and it is a Halloween special, on his YouTube channel. 9am start! Don’t forget your Halloween costumes.

Beach day – One of our property owners in Mauritius, Shanti Maurice has a live webcam on their beach. Have a beach day from your own home by watching the peaceful beach or even tune in to watch the sunset, which is around 2:15pm UK time.

Art for Kids Hub – This is a favourite of my little brothers. Run by a family who enjoy art and sharing it with their followers. They share a drawing a day through their YouTube channel. All you need is some paper, colouring supplies and something to draw with.

Explore – Tropical Reef Aquarium – see what you can spot swimming around at the Tropical Reef Aquarium. The Explore website has several live cams for you all to watch including puppies, birds and sanctuaries! My partner and I watched a clip the other evening of a bear catching some salmon, it was amazing to see!''

5 on screen activities


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