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Check in your luggage at home using British Airways Airportr

Imagine a world with no luggage and just the kids. Well, if you are flying British Airways and out of London on your next family holiday, you don’t have to imagine any more!

British Airways has teamed up with Airportr to offer a luggage-free journey, well until you arrive at your destination airport that is.

I got quite excited about this, the thought of packing our bags at home and waving goodbye to them at the front door, then seeing them again at our destination airport.

This got me thinking of ways we could then travel to the airport, train and tube being a major draw now as we wouldn’t have luggage to carry. But then I thought of the journey back home. What happens at the airport after we land back in the UK, we are stuck with all our luggage and no car… mmmm so maybe we would still drive, I suppose not queuing at the check in desk would be a bonus?

Prices start at £30. Worth it? What do you think?

Full details can be found here…


And here…



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