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Turks & Caicos luxury family-friendly resort review

Posted by Sachelle, 9th January 2018 at 10:28
luxury all-inclusive family friendly holiday resort in the Turks & Caicos

Spectacular beaches, outstanding facilities, good food and fantastic staff – all coming together perfectly to make up a truly first-class holiday experience in this Turks & Caicos luxury family resort.

I cannot speak highly enough of this luxury family resort in Turks & Caicos – we were initially a little apprehensive of travelling that far with Georgia (she was 10 months at the time) however having already done 12 hours to South Africa over Christmas, and not ready to give up the travelling bug Bronwyn and I have had for a number of years, we decided to go for it – and we didn’t regret a single bit of it.

When we arrived we were greeted by resort staff at the terminal – they took our bags (which later turned up in our room) and directed us to our transfer. The minibus took us to our check-in (we were staying at the Italian village) which was about a 15min drive from the airport which in itself was a seamless process. Our concierge then walked us to our room, and gave us a brief overview of the resort. After freshening up we made our way down to see what all the fuss was about in regards to the beach – and immediately knew why – it was absolutely stunning. Pristine white sands, and the calmest, clearest waters I have been fortunate enough to experience (we later found out that there was a reef about a mile or so offshore, meaning the breaking waves were never a factor).

Over the course of our trip we managed to try out 13 of the 19 restaurants on offer – (neither Bronwyn or I are fish eaters of which a couple specialise in) - whilst the food was good in all (some better than others) - I found the Jerk Shack to be a little bit special – jerk chicken and rice on the beachfront was when I really felt I was on a Caribbean holiday.

We spent much of our time switching between the pools and the beach throughout our stay – Georgia absolutely loved the water, and with the sea being so calm, we always felt comfortable.

Our room was split into two – we had a main bedroom / living area, but there was also a separate kid’s room with bunk beds and enough space for Georgia’s cot. With a walk in shower, and large bathtub, it was plenty of space for the three of us. I did have a look around some of the other accommodations, and if you are looking for something extra special, and your budget can stretch to it,  some of the villas in the Key West village are amazing – having been to Key West, Florida pre-Georgia (we actually got engaged there), I can tell you they really capture the Key West feel – and I am inclined to say it was probably my favourite village of the 4.

The kids club experience is a story in itself – we tried leaving Georgia with the infants program (all included as well) for an hours R&R for Mum and Dad – firstly just want to say the staff and the facilities are absolutely fantastic – unfortunately for us Georgia was at a stage where she did not like to be away from us – the nanny’s did their very best, and I couldn’t possibly fault their efforts – but maybe it will be something we can take advantage of next time! Georgia did however take to all the Sesame Street characters you would see wandering around the resort, engaging with the children. She even got to spend a little time playing on the grass with Elmo!

The waterpark was a lot of fun – we visited a few times throughout our stay, Georgia especially loving going round and round the lazy river in her inflatable ring!

If Georgia was a little more comfortable at the kids club (or a little older) we would have been able to take full advantage of the on-site scuba program – even if you haven’t done scuba before it’s no problem – they’ll give you all the guidance and training you need for 40 foot dives – something I’ll definitely be doing next time! They even have dive programs for kids! (8 years and up)

When we went the resort was at 80% occupancy – I was very surprised by this – aside from the Italian pool (which drew a good atmosphere and vibe) everywhere else seemed very quiet.

There are so many stories I could tell about our trip to Turks & Caicos – whether it’s the friendly staff, many of whom knew Georgia by name by the time we left – the beautiful beaches, first class service or multitude of activities – there really wasn’t a day where we felt we were missing anything

We even made friends with a family who’ll be going back for their third time in 18 months next year!

Overall I would highly recommend this excellent luxury family-friendly resort in Turks & Caicos – Key West would be my village of preference, followed by Italian, French and then Caribbean. Make sure you go when you know the weather will be good (whilst pleasant all year round, December to March is peak). We went in May and was pretty perfect, but pushing it too much later than that and you start going into rain hurricane season (June onwards).

For more information on this family-friendly luxury all inclusive resort in Turks & Caicos feel free to drop us a line any time. Remember you book directly and so are guaranteed the best deal!



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