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Solar Buddies – The easy, mess free way to apply sun cream

Posted by Sachelle, 26th June 2018 at 20:46
Tears at sun cream time? Solar Buddies might have the answer, we review it here...

Solar Buddies was invented by 2 mums; Kelli and Laura whilst discussing a 'no touch' policy a lot of schools now have when it comes to applying sun cream - Solar Buddies was created to help them out. There is also no mess and is easy enough for your little ones to do on their own too.

Is there anyone else out there who HATES applying sun cream to your kids? When I saw the Solar Buddies online I was interested to try them out as they are getting some amazing reviews, but i was sceptical.... 3 weeks later and I’m sold! 

Ive been testing the product out with my almost 2-year-old, Georgia. I keep it in my back pack so i can easily apply before we get out of the car or while out and about. It is so easy to use and she was very intrigued at first, I find it brilliant for applying cream to her face, which both her and I used to hate as she would wiggle and i would inevitably get it in her hair and or eyes! The solar buddies are great as it’s just like washing their faces with a sponge but you're applying sun cream! Bravo. 

Solar Buddies information

The applicator comes empty so you can use it with your favourite sun cream brand. They recommend thicker creams that are lower in alcohol for best results. The solar buddies heads can last unto 8 weeks if they are taken care of (washed when empty, heads washed on a regular basis and not left in direct sunlight) but don't worry you can buy replacement heads for £4.99 (or £6.99 for 2) from their website. 

A single applicator costs £8.99 or you can buy 2 for £17.99. They are great to send with your kids to nursery / school in their back pack, or to keep at the grandparents as they're small and don't take up too much space. They are 100ml so if you're flying somewhere they meet the liquid hand luggage restrictions. 

Just this week, they've released 2 new colours - Pink and Blue. 



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