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Slipfrees ! Non-slip pool shoes with a difference

Posted by Sachelle, 19th November 2018 at 17:52
Non-slip shoes that protect your feet around the pool or at the beach.

Earlier this summer a friend recommended The Secret Garden as a day out but said I should get some Swim Shoes. I'd never heard of them but did some research. They're soft shoes kids can wear in and around the pool, on the beach or in the sea, when playing outside on stones/warm paving. I ordered a cheap pair off Amazon as i needed them next day. After some research the following week, I read some excellent reviews and ordered a pair of Slipfrees.

Perfect for holidays.

They've been used on holiday around the pool, at the beach, at playdates and Georgia loves them. They're also great to prevent infection if you're swimming at public pools/leisure centres.

I love that they come in adult sizes too. The fabric and patterns are very bright and on trend and Georgia loved putting on her mermaid shoes. We spent a week in Spain at one of the Holiday Tots properties which had a lovely enclosed garden with astroturf. The weather was amazing but some afternoons the turf would get really hot, these shoes were perfect and kept the kids feet from burning.

In use ...

Perfect all year round

Just becuase the summer is over, you've not missed the boat. These shoes aren't only great for around the pool / while on holiday - they're great when the weather starts to get a bit chillier.

Do you have slippery indoor floors at home? Do your little ones slip and slide around in their socks? Use these as slippers to prevent falls around the house. You can also use them at bath time or avoid painful accidents in the bath / shower.

The kids shoes cost £14.95 and are available in sizes:
Infant 2-4, 4.5-6.5, 7-9 and 9.5-11.5.

The adult shoes cost £18.95 and come in sizes:
3-4, 4.5-5.5, 6-7, 7-8 and 8.5-9.5. 

Get yours here


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