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Day 4 Half Term Fun At Home

Posted by Sachelle, 29th October 2020 at 09:05
Day 4 Half Term Fun At Home

Day 4

Here are three more activities for our half term fun at home, indoor, outdoor and on screen. 

Outdoors - Hedgehogs

''Let’s talk Hedgehogs: Did you know hedgehogs travel a mile a night! So lets make it as easy as possible for them. Hedgehogs hibernate from November to March and so need food to store their fat so they can last the winter. Do not leave milk for them as this upsets their tummies but they are partial to dog and cat food (not fish based) and you can buy specialist hedgehog food too, and don’t forget to leave some water. Why not build a little hedgehog home in the corner of the garden for the winter too? 

If you do not have a garden maybe you can make a hedgehog home for someone who does and when out and about in the park and woods make sure to take all your rubbish home with you to give them the best environment. 

If you have a garden, how about checking your fencing and making a hedgehog highway, not only good for hedgehogs but other wild little feet to travel through? If you want to make a path for little animals pop a couple of small holes at ground level and let the grass around grow to give them a little hiding space, take care not open up to roads and check with neighbours if you have a shared fence.  you can read a little more info here.

If you live by a road and you think you have hedgehogs or other small animals vulnerable to the traffic why not apply for one of the small mammal road sign, designed to make drivers aware that there are small mammals in the area. https://www.hedgehogstreet.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Small-mammal-road-sign-placement.pdf

For more information on ways you can help hedgehogs head over to the charity Hedgehog Street.

If you do not have a garden go on an exploration searching for likely habitats hedgehogs might want to hibernate in or even make your own hedgehog from material rocks, leaves, cones or other natural treasures you find on your travels.

 I found this Hedgehog pinecone tutorial on kiddly''

5 outdoor activites

Indoors - Crafts

''We love crafts in our house! Paints, glue, stickers and GLITTER !! The messier the better. You don’t need to spend a fortune either, you just need a few staples and then you could use things from around the house / in the garden. Georgia went for a walk with her nana last week and collected a whole bag full of leaves. We let them dry, and then glued them to a piece of paper to make a picture – let them make up and tell you a story while making it. You can then add a little sparkle by sprinkling glitter over the leaves. You can also sign up to a craft subscription box – there are a few out there, Georgia got a subscription to Toucan Box for her birthday and they have some great activities – we got her Halloween box last week so I have saved them and we will be doing those next week.''

5 indoor activites

On Screen - Re-watching old favourite kids shows

''Your kids will have their favourite programmes, and no doubt you have had to watch repeatedly, so why not get them to watch one of your childhood faves? You might be surprised on how much they may enjoy it. When I was a kid and was feeling a little bit under the weather, I was bored watching the same thing, so my mum introduced me to Bagpuss, one of her favourites as a child. And what a treat it was, I enjoyed it so much, my mum bought me a little Bagpuss cuddly toy to go along with all my other cuddly friends''

5 on screen activities 


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