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child friendly holiday cottages in Brittany

There are some lovely child-friendly holiday homes located in Brittany on Holiday Tots, from rustic to modern and everything in between and Liz's romantic hideaways do not disappoint. Liz and her family's cottages are located in Brittany's beautiful countryside yet only 12 km from sandy beaches. They are romantic and the grounds they are set within, idyllic. Here Liz tells you a little about her family and what life is like living in this area of France.

Hello! My name is Liz and my husband's name is Corentin.  We have 4 young and lively children who are now aged between 6 and 11. So we know what it is like to have babies, toddlers and young children.  We know their needs in equipment, entertainment and having fun!  I come from Ireland originally and our cottages are situated on what was Corentin's grandparents farm in Brittany.

What was the toughest part about setting it up  :  The toughest part was doing all the renovations ourselves, keeping up my teaching job in the beginning and looking after the kiddies...

And what was the most memorable/enjoyable : The most enjoyable part is seeing the happy faces of guests when they arrive and realise that the place where they are going to spend their holidays is even better than on the photos and that they are only in the door but they feel at home aleady.

What couldn’t you live without and why : I couldn't live without the cottages, I love changing things, repainting, doing the gardens, finding new ideas which I think our guests would like.

What does your average working day involve : My average day involves getting up at 6am, having breakfast and reading the newspaper?  Then I answer some emails and do some other work in my office.  If I have breakfasts to do, I prepare them and deliver them to the cottages.  At 7.30 am I wake up the kids and help them get ready for school.  When they leave, I usually go for a run.   The rest of the day  depends on what needs to be done, either I work in my office, or else in the garden, or I may have departures so I chat with the guests before they leave.  If I have arrivals, I clean the cottages.  I may also have some repairs to do in a cottage.  And if all of that is done, then there is also I hugh pile of bedlinen to be sorted...  My working day is long but also very enjoyable.  

What advice would you give to families wanting to holiday with you and why is your place so special : My advise to people wanting to holiday in our cottages is not to worry about anything.  I will answer all their questions on arrival about all the practical aspects og finding shops, bakeries, markets etc.  I will also show them all the interesting places to visit on a very good map.  I also have lots of brochures, maps and documentation available for my guests.   My family have a farm-inn restaurant where the farm animals can be seen, there is a free poney ride for all our little guests and there are also peddle boats.  Plus the restaurant is really delicious!

If you could pick just two attractions/places to visit in your area what would they be : I would suggest the port town of BINIC which is only a 10 minutes drive.   It is really picturesque, there are lots of boutiques, restaurants, crêperies, a farmers market, water sports etc.   The second place I would suggest is  the island of Bréhat.  it is the most beautiful, unspoilt island very near us.  There are no cars on the island, so the kiddies are safe to run around and it has a very peaceful feeling to it.  The natural beauty reminds me of the west coast of Ireland.

Is there anything you would like to highlight that might be interesting to families with babies/toddlers/young children who are thinking of staying with you : Come stay, enjoy, eat well , relax and return home refreshed, rested and already looking forward to you next holiday, wherever that might be...

In one sentence can you explain what life is like where you live : Life is rhythmed by the seasons , by the guests we receive, the different fêtes, markets and cultural events that are on.  We go on lots of days out with the kiddies and discover new parts of Brittany and the rest of France.   There are seven cottages within the grounds, four of which are baby and toddler friendly offering everything you need for your little ones and of course stairgates and high chairs. Liz is also happy to do a little pre shopping before your arrival, just ask for our Tots Go Lightly service.  

You can take a look at the cottages here:   https://www.holidaytots.co.uk/view-property/588-private-cottage-shared-facilities-in-cotes-darmor/


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